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Special Offer, free “Solfege Train” with Little Musician purchase

A few months ago, I purchased BrillKids “Little Musician” while I was finishing up my own product, “The Solfege Train”, and my children are using both in tandem.  I must admit that I think that these two are a great match, although I have an obvious bias.

Little Musician is a fantastic product.  I previously stated that it was akin to “my dream product” for early learning and music, and I hold true to that.  There are classical music examples, perfect pitch exercises, chord recognition, instrument recognition, solfege integration, nursery rhymes, and bright, colorful images that engage my children’s attention.  My 3-year-old especially is thriving with it.

I could never make a product this good.  If you can’t beat them, join them.  I endorse and recommend Little Musician.

There is one caveat to the the product, however, and that is that all of the lessons and activities are on-screen and require computer access to use them.  That’s where I think The Solfege Train can help.  It is a set of manipulatives for off-screen reinforcement.

Here’s a video to show what I mean:

So let’s get to the point.  My special offer is:  Purchase Little Musician and use discount code “BKAFF13180” during checkout.  This code gives you 10% off!  It is also my affiliate code.  Now you know what’s in it for me.  🙂  After you purchase Little Musician, contact me to inform me of the purchase and give me the e-mail address you would like me to send “The Solfege Train” to.  That’s it!  Enjoy the two of them together.  Happy music lessons!


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