Reading list for February


The following list is pathetic.  I lost one page of notes (which would double this list), my kids were sick so I didn’t take them to the library, we went out of town, I got side-tracked studying midbrain activation, yada yada yada.  Well, guess what, I’m going to post my list anyway because I want to hold myself accountable and the year is hardly over.  I’m still going to push for the 2013 goal.  I just have a bit more work to do now because February was a flop.  Hey, even if I don’t make it to 2013, if I read more to my kids than I otherwise would have, it was a worthy pursuit.  Besides, so far March has been a great month.  It turns out, my kids missed the library.

1.    A picture book of Helen Keller
2.    A Pig and a Bee
3.    Abby Mix + Match Nursery Rhymes
4.    Cars Race Team (x2)
6.    Cars- Driving Buddies
7.    Cars- Old, New, Red, Blue (x2)
9.    Cars- Roadwork
10.    Cars- Spooky Sounds
11.    Children around the world
12.    Clifford manners
13.    Clifford runs to story time
14.    Curious George- Are you Curious?
15.    Dora’s Book of Manners
16.    Hi! Fly Guy (x2)
18.    I didn’t know that some cars can swim
19.    Little Boy
20.    Morning noises
21.    My Pretty Pink box of board books
22.    Ready, Steady, Go
23.    Should I share my Ice Cream?
24.    Silly Street
25.    Simon says Smile like a princess
26.    Swing! (x2)
28.    The Berenstain Bears All Aboard
29.    The Friendly Crocodile
30.    The Rainbabies
31.    Tiger Lily and the Waterfall (x2)
33.    Wake up and stretch
34.    Whose home is this?
35.    YCCD Music (x2)
37.    YCCD Shapes


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