The Solfege Train

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“The Solfege Train is an e-product with more than 150 pages of printable materials and a 48 page instructional e-book, all in pdf format.  CD Data disk coming soon.  Here is a video tour to see most of the contents:


And here are a few pictures:

Solfege Circles Game

 Musical Stairs (previously sold separately)

Six different piano inserts to choose from.

 Note magnet activities.  Includes color or black and white, solfege or note names, as well as plain black notes.

 Eleven nursery rhymes in six different formats, including solfege or nursery rhymes, color or black and white, and different keys.

Pre-reading exercises.

 Beginning rhythm activities.

Activities to teach the basic music opposites of high and low, loud and soft, and fast or slow.

The price is $25.00

Now available as a data CD!  $25.00 plus shipping.   (Sorry, this product is currently unavailable)


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