Beginning Rhythm e-book

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Welcome to “Beginning Rhythm”, a e-program designed to help you teach rhythm to musical beginners of all ages.  Here is what you will find in the program:
Includes all contents of the original “Beginning Rhythm for Preschoolers” released in 2010, and has been updated to include more time signatures, more notes and note combinations, and a 35-page instructional e-book, “Beginning Rhythm”.
The printables in this version have been separated from the e-book for easier reading, and are contained in separate files.  No resizing should be necessary, check your printer settings before printing.  This is the highlight of the whole program, and has already been successfully used with many beginning music students.  I hope you enjoy it!


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Thoughts on Michaelmas History

Thoughts on Michaelmas History
  • This product actually focuses only on rhythm, and the "rainbow castle" was thrown in for fun. There is a solfege version included.

    I tried to isolate rhythm alone for simplicity.

    You may be happy to know that I'm about a week away from releasing a new product that is all about solfege, and the colors are perfectly compatible with Little Musician. I'm really excited about this new product release. Rainbow Castle is a part of this product too, with rainbow colors that match LMS. Sorry, BrillKids, you can't copyright the rainbow. 😉

  • Tamsyn lvoed going through your blog and wartching all your you tube videos breakfast time with the kids . You have a lovely family , beautiful kids . I love those music games , my kids are asking for them now . I am doing soft mozart with the kids and have changed the icons in Little musician to solfege icons do re mi . Do you think it is possible for you to make those available in your ebook . I like to try them with my little ones but they are already learning solfege and i don't want to confuse them with other names of the notes . oh and congrats on Peter reading . well done mama xxx viv

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