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My first Giveaway! Beginning Rhythm

Every spare moment I have had on the computer lately has been spent creating a new product, “Beginning Rhythm.” It’s been a lot of fun, but I am so happy to have it completed. I have also really missed blogging, and I look forward to getting into it again. What better way than to host a giveaway? I’ve always wanted to do one. If you want a chance to win, just leave a comment. That’s it! Winner will be announced September 20th.

(Product details here)

(P.S. Please make sure I can contact you if you do win. Anonymous comments are out of luck, sorry)

AND THE WINNER IS… The winner is Number 5.

Congratulations, Coral!
Watch for an e-mail with the download link.


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  1. Tamsyn you are so awesome to be able to come out with this with three little ones at home! I can barely keep my house clean with my 3. If I don't win the give-away, you can bet I'll be buying it as soon as we have the money available. 🙂

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