Musical Stairs

This is a simple project that can spruce up the menial task of walking up and down the stairs.  Turn your stair-case into a singing scale!  The idea for this scale came from the piano stairs in Sweden, as seen in the video at the bottom of this page.  Creating a stair-case like that in our home is unpractical for us, but this is a close second.

We created the triangles by printing them on colored paper, not by using up all of the ink in our printer.  My color code is red for do, orange for re, yellow for mi, green for fa, blue for so, purple for la, and pink for ti.  Our staircase was the perfect size to have two full octaves.  We laminated our triangles and then taped them to the staircase.
My children love these, and when I need them to come downstairs, they are more willing to come when I sing the scale as they step on to the respective step.  My husband has joined in the fun, and it is good practice for all of us.  On the flip-side, having a toddler around means that the triangles are not as permanent as I would like them to be, but they are still a sturdy resource to use at will.

These printables are now a part of “The Solfege Train”.


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  1. YES! You never let me down! Love the new site. You are such a great help with learning music. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your talent. We appreciate it.


  2. Musical Stair touches the chords of sensibility, it influences positively the people who play it, Its joyful notes create social synergies putting everyone in a happy frame of mind. see

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