Dinosaur sorting

I am the oldest of 11 and for Christmas my younger brothers completed a sewing project that they got from Washington Online, which they gave to my son for Christmas.  My children have had a lot of fun with this toy.  It has reinforced color and sorting.  We have talked about big and small, and sorted the dinosaurs by size as well as by color.  I wanted to highlight this project today and tell my brothers, good job!  My siblings have had a lot of fun with the K-12 curriculum this year. Editors note: My youngest sister helped too. Thank you!


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Thoughts on Michaelmas History

Thoughts on Michaelmas History
  • So Cute! What Good brothers you have!

    Oh and just wanted to let you know, yes the laminator was at Costco by the paper and crafty stuff for under $25. I LOVE IT!!

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