Dinosaur sorting

I am the oldest of 11 and for Christmas my younger brothers completed a sewing project that they got from Washington Online, which they gave to my son for Christmas.  My children have had a lot of fun with this toy.  It has reinforced color and sorting.  We have talked about big and small, and sorted the dinosaurs by size as well as by color.  I wanted to highlight this project today and tell my brothers, good job!  My siblings have had a lot of fun with the K-12 curriculum this year. Editors note: My youngest sister helped too. Thank you!

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Kendra says January 24, 2011

So Cute! What Good brothers you have!

Oh and just wanted to let you know, yes the laminator was at Costco by the paper and crafty stuff for under $25. I LOVE IT!!

Tamsyn Spackman says January 24, 2011

Thank you so much, Kendra! I love my laminator too.

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