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The Electric Universe (or Plasma Cosmology)

Warning:  Contents of this post challenge mainstream science, and the ideas are really “out there”.   A paradigm shift in how you view the universe may result if, like me, you believe them.  I share this on my blog because it may be a scientific theory of interest.  It is what I plan on teaching my […]

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Birthday Traditions from Around the World

On Sunday we had a birthday party with our family for my daughter with a theme of birthday games from around the world.  The ideas were inspired from the book “Birthday’s Around the World”, which I stumbled upon at our local library.  Come travel with us! Mexico We started the evening with the pinata from […]

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Exposing my children to geography Geography has been a surprisingly easy subject to teach. Peter loves maps, and providing him with the opportunity to see them has been all of the encouragement he has needed. We found a very colorful world map that we put above the changing table where he can see it often. […]

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