Where have I been?

… and why I’m coming back.

I love blogging.  I do.  I never quit.  Thing is, I’ve been seeing someone else.  Remember that RV we moved into?  Well, my husband wanted to blog with me about the lifestyle, and we decided to do it in something a little more focused to the theme.  You can read about our adventures at www.spackmansontheroad.com.

I have also been busy over at www.teaching-children-music.com.  Michael the computer wizard has helped me out immensely there as well, and we’ve got some great stuff!  If you are looking for materials to teach your children music, please check us out.  Join our mailing list for free weekly printables.  Was that a shameless plug?  Yeah, I think it was.  🙂

I’ve also come out of the closet and shared some of my experiences studying LDS church history objectively at https://thefullnessofzion.wordpress.com/.  To date I have touched on polygamy and how I believe that the evidence shows that Joseph Smith never participated in it.  Controversial stuff I felt impressed to share.

So yeah, I’ve been blogging.  For those who follow the blog because of an interest in my personal life, it’s all there.

But this blog is less about my personal life and more about homeschooling.  Most who find this blog find it because they were looking for one school subject or another, or to read a review.  More specifically this blog is about homeschooling children who have been taught academics from a young age, such as reading from infancy.  My children aren’t as young as they used to be.  Peter is 8 now.  Considering that I started this blog when he was a toddler and Helen (6) was a baby, to say that our family dynamics have changed is an understatement.  Patrick is 5, Ruth is 3, Philip is 21 months, and the next baby is due in July.  That gives me quite the spectrum to cover in our homeschooling efforts.

Honestly, we have struggled a bit with homeschooling and I feel like blogging here will be a good kick in the pants to make sure we don’t neglect some of the things that have faded to the shadows.  Not that we’re behind or that I regret how we have lived, but that I want to work harder to maintain a balance.  We’ve had grand adventures in the RV and they’ve learned a lot of real life lessons from the ups and downs of a different life.  I’ve started blogging as more than a hobby as our financial situation has morphed.  Academically we have really made some great progress in math, science and piano.  Ruth has learned to read and Philip’s vocabulary and speech are progressing well.  Nothing to be ashamed of, but we need more work in the language arts and history.  There are a lot of holes.  But there’s plenty of time to smooth things out and that’s my 2016 goal.

Today’s post is more of an update and a statement of my intention to blog here again.  It’s great to talk about traveling and RV life, and it’s great to have an occupational focus, but homeschooling itself is a little off-topic for those blogs, so here I am.  Every Saturday I will touch on something my children have learned during the week or something I have researched, a curriculum we are using, or something of that nature.  This is no longer a catch-all blog, it is officially our homeschooling blog.

Starting next week, this post doesn’t count.  It’s holiday time right now and we’re taking a break.  Merry Christmas!


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