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Charming RV Outdoor Spaces

100 Days of Camping Day #3

Nestled in the back of campground is an area where you may purchase your own permanent camping spot.  While there are some hoops to jump through if you want to live in a stationary spot permanently, these homes make great seasonal homes, weekend retreats, and in the case of some of the park rangers, even permanent homes.  These RV outdoor spaces are charming and captured my heart, and I'm delighted to share them with you!

On a side note, I got the #100DaysofCamping official Thousand Trails towel for our pictures!  Yay!  When I searched through the other hashtags on facebook, I kept seeing these towels and realized that we somehow missed them.  They were giving them away when people checked in AFTER we did.  They also gave them away at a special Member Appreciation Day which I totally spaced.  Lucky for me, shortly after I met the man who travels around to the parks and makes the maps they give away when you check-in in the laundry room of all places.  He had a towel and I asked him where he got it and how, and told him about how excited I was to document our summer.  He told me that he had two and gave me the one you see in the picture.  How sweet!  I told my neighbor, and she told me that they had run-out at the office, so I was indeed very lucky that the man was so generous.  I wasn't trying to beg for the towel, honest!  But I am very excited that our pictures will be more "official" now.  🙂


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