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Thousand Trails 100 Days of Camping

We started this blog with a lot of excitement over all of the things we could cover, and we have filmed several things that we haven't edited yet but plan to when we get the chance.  I have been very busy building my music website, which takes up the bulk of my computer time, but we have had a lot of requests to build a travel blog.  In truth, our life really isn't that much more exciting than everybody else, the novelty is that it's different.  We primarily live in Thousand Trails campgrounds, which we really, REALLY love.  They're great for families.  So when I saw their facebook hashtag #100daysofcamping, I thought, "Hey, what if all I had to do was take a few pictures every day?"  So here is Day#1's photo essay.  Wilderness Lakes in Menifee, CA.]


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