Stuck at Sanitation

Stuck at Sanitation

While our family visited Pio Pico last week, we stayed on the North side, which does not have sewer hook-ups. (The south side does, but we don't have cell-reception there, and the internet isn't as solid). No biggie- they have two large, and actually quite beautiful sanitation areas. So we did a routine dump of the grey tank, our only problem was that once we were finished, our RV wouldn't start. The culprit? Our two month old starter died. The staff were friendly and understanding about our predicament and even delivered a list of suggested professionals we could call the next morning, all of which were on holiday. Through prayer, Michael was guided to look in the right places and we were able to do the needed repair ourselves. In this video, see how to check your starter to see if it works. It took nearly 24 hours before we were back up and running, not because the starter is hard to replace, it's two bolts and easily accessible, but because when it shorted it fried a ground wire that goes up under the doghouse into the console area and I had to take out some stuff to track that down.

While I had everything taken apart, I also fixed our temperature gauge. The old one was stuck. However, with gauges, you have to get the exact replacement, or change out the temperature sensor, which is on the engine block.

The children thoroughly enjoyed our overnight stay because of the natural beauty of the spot. We made floral crowns and took a nature walk. But it was good to be hooked up again with electricity the next day, especially since the generator doesn't really give our freezer enough juice. There were a lot of activities at the campground over the weekend that we missed because of our little adventure, but that's all part of living in an RV. We were able to safely drive the motorhome back to Wilderness Lakes two days after.


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