Kids Reading Update

I made this video by way of a progress report to see where we are at right now.  My children are not the product of any one reading program, rather their abilities are the result of Glenn Doman’s teachings in his book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read”.

You can never have too many children’s books.  Over the years we have collected reading materials from various companies as well.  You don’t have to go all out like we have to be successful.  I’m just an early learning junkie.  🙂  The following all contribute to their reading skills.  This is not a comprehensive list, nor do we faithfully follow any of these programs religiously.  They are just a good place to get your feet wet.  This list is not meant to intimidate or overwhelm, but rather to serve as a reference for those looking for reading materials ideal for babies/toddlers/preschoolers.  We also read a lot of books.

Little Reader
Your Baby Can Read
Preschool Prep (Meet the Sight Words. Great apps!)
Starfall (including physical copies of the beginning readers)
Reading Bear
Sparkabilities (not directly a reading program).
Word World (Edutainment, but a fun introduction to spelling and phonics)
Rusty and Rosy (great music!)
Peter Weatherall DVDs (mostly science)

We also have homemade materials we draw from, such as Flip-up Cards and Bits of Intelligence.
For my older kids, we are simply finding materials at their level and read with them.  Patrick and Helen still do their formal reading with me.  Helen’s favorite book this year was “The White Sea Horse” by Helen Cresswell.  Peter reads on his own and I periodically check in with him, ask him about the story-line, who the characters are, and clarify anything that may be confusing.  His favorite book this year has been Charlotte’s Web.
Early learning has really made regular school so much easier!

 By the way, I made the text portions of the video using VideoMakerFX


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