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Top 5 reasons to visit the BrillKids website

Our family truly loves BrillKids.
I’ve mentioned before why I love Little Readerthe Deluxe materials, Little Musician, and Little Math.  But these products are only a part of my journey with the company as I have followed them through the years.  After the products, Here is my top 5 list for why you should check the website out.

1.  The Forum!

I have seriously, honestly met some of my closest friends in the early learning forums.  My online interaction with other Early Learning parents began in a now mostly dormant yahoo group.  The BrillKids forum took off and that’s where most of the action is now, although there is also a facebook group.  Wow, 128,000+ members, more than 20,000 of them active, all around the world, all interested in early learning.  If you have read Glenn Doman’s books and wondered if kids like those described in the pages actually exist, spend some time looking around.  We share videos of our progress, and better yet, we share what resources are helping us get those results.  So here’s a warning and full disclosure:  ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN THE BRILLKIDS FORUM CAN LEAVE A DENT IN YOUR FAMILY BUDGET.  Nobody will try to strong-arm you into making a purchase, but when one of us finds something that works great, a few others will immediately follow suite and before you know it, everybody is having great success with the product and it becomes a standard part of the curriculum lingo, complete with it’s own acronym.  Haha.  No really.  There’s this deep level of trust among the regulars on the site.  We are separated by nationality, race, religion, political affiliation, and social/financial status and many of us have never met, yet this early learning movement has brought us together and the friendships we make are deeply meaningful.  I love being a part of this group.

Since I mentioned the peer pressure to follow the crowd, I will say that your friends will have that kind of an influence on you anyway, so choose good friends.  I was about to write some of our favorites down, but that’s a whole post in and of itself.

Here’s an example of meaningful, semi linked threads:  We can do by Moshe Kai, Acceleration vs Depth, and Swann family- 10 children with MA at age 16!  This thread really changed my educational approach and helped me raise the bar in our own education.

2.  The Charity line

The Early education for Every Child Foundation (EEEFC) is truly making a difference in the lives of thousands.  This foundation donates computers to orphanages, learning centers, special needs classes and homes, all fully equipped with the BrillKids software.  Scholarships are offered to those in need, whether it be financial, or for the handicapped.  If you know someone who could benefit from the BrillKids software, don’t hesitate to contact their team.  While there are wise protocols in place, I know they are very generous.  The mission, goals, and scope of this foundation are truly admirable.  Now helping this cause is even easier.  Thanks to BrillKids users Skylark and MamaOfWill, as well as dozens of volunteers including my husband and me, there is a Country Course available for use in the Little Reader software.  This course is great for older kids, and there’s a free version of Little Reader now, so for $29, you can have full access to this course.  Every penny helps the EEEFC bring the gift of literacy to more children.  It’s an amazing cause and I love them for it.

3.  The library, including BrillKids’ free publications

Okay, so the library isn’t entirely free because you have to have Little Reader Basic or Pro to use it, but the BK library consists of thousands of Little Reader files made by parents who use the software and shared their work with the community.  Think Encyclopedic Knowledge.  Foreign Language.  There are thousands of files.  I honestly haven’t even scratched the surface of what is available, but would love to spend some time and better utilize this resource.  Also, BrillKids has written a few e-books that have been very helpful.  I especially love Teaching Your Young Child Music.  It’s well done.

4.  Their partnership coupon program

 By becoming a member and participating in the forum, you get points which can be used to purchase coupons to other great early learning programs.  Companies like Signing Time, Little Pim, MonkiSee, Jones Geniuses, Right Brain Kids, and Kinderbach, to name a few.  These are some nice coupons, so check them out if you are shopping that market.  By the way, if you sign up with somebody’s affiliate coupon, you get 500 bonus points.  Mine, for example, is BKAFF13180.  😉  I love that BrillKids is so open and welcoming to what could be considered their competition.  The goal here isn’t to promote one product above another, but to help our children achieve results.  I love YBCR, MonkiSee, AND Little Reader (among others).  We use them, collectively, daily.  For best results it’s nice to have a library.  I’ve built ours up over time.  You can’t have too many books, and you can’t have too many early learning materials.  My new little baby is a lucky guy, what can I say?

5.  The affiliate program

BrillKids has a generous pay-out for their affiliates.  You can even use your own affiliate code to make your own purchases.  I had to read that three times to make sure I caught it right.  That means that not only do you get a 10% discount affiliate codes provide, but you also will get a pay-back in a month, depending on your affiliate level.  To start making a commission, you either have to purchase Little Math and Little Reader, OR make $200 in sales.  My love for BrillKids is genuine as we have seen amazing results for our children.  I could be an affiliate for any company.  I chose BrillKids because I love everything this company stands for.  I have had better luck monetizing my blog with BrillKids than any other outlets I’ve tried combined.  They have taken really good care of me as far as the affiliate program is concerned.  There are enough fish in the sea that I don’t have anything to loose by recommending it to you.  If you are interested in early learning, buy the BrillKids curriculum, use it, and when people comment to you on your child’s progress (they will!), you can mention the products you have used, including BrillKids.  I like to give people one of the free business cards I got from Vistaprint that has my coupon code on it.  It’s a very simple, low key approach I’ve taken, and it’s been enough to finance some wonderful curriculum materials for my children.


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