Beginning Rhythm giveaway

I’m hosting a giveaway of my own product, Beginning Rhythm, for two reasons.  First because this blog recently reached 100,000 page views and I want to celebrate.  🙂  But mostly because I have been asked to do a review and giveaway for another company, and since I haven’t really done a give-away before, I wanted to test the waters and learn how to do one.  I know, I’m behind the times, but better late than never, right?

I’m doing the giveaway through “Giveaway Tools”.


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Thoughts on Michaelmas History
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  1. tarelka7 55 weeks ago:
    Lately my favorite color is red (it changes often ;))
    Thank you for the giveaway.

    (My pinterest share is here (there was no place to put the link to the pin)


    Sunnie 55 weeks ago:
    Thanks for the giveaway, Im looking forward to using your blog to teach my kids next year!

    Orlia 55 weeks ago:
    Giveaways are so fun! Thanks for starting one!

    Natalie 55 weeks ago:
    Always loved your reviews and products!!

    Christine Suarez 55 weeks ago:
    I never did a give-away on my page as well…I wouldn't know where to start! I think your product looks interesting and I am always interested in new things. If I win I look forward to trying it with my kids and posting about it on my blog.

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