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Xtra Normal, text-to-movie site.

I recently discovered a fun website, Xtra Normal, which allows you to create videos by typing in a score, choosing sets and characters, and adding sound effects.  We had a lot of fun creating the video below.  I am sure that you will be able to tell who wrote what, haha.  Fair warning, many of the videos that others have posted on the site are not child-friendly, in fact, even I am not old enough for some of it.  Others are great, but I recommend spending most of your time creating your own videos.

You can use all of the features to watch and preview the videos with a free account, and you can save them. However, publishing them does cost a little, and I will be digging into my pockets to produce some videos for my music website.  It does not cast very much.  However, they do give you enough points to publish one video for free.

I also downloaded their “State” software and I am pleased with the results.  With this program, you can do voice-overs, and upload images and videos into certain backgrounds.  The lip-sinc matching to the voice-over works remarkably well.  There is more flexibility on where you can put your characters, you can purchase the ability to add up to 6 characters, make them walk around, and much more.  You can also create multiple scenes.  What am I planning on doing with this software?

  • Have fun.  :o)
  • Make educational videos by mixing these videos with ppt.
  • Encourage my children’s story-telling skills by encouraging them to write scripts for the characters.
  • Make and send personal messages for family and friends.

    haha,  I am a robot. 
    Googoo,  haha,  I am green.
    hee hee hee hee, I am red.
    I do not have an upset stomach.  My superdog is faster than you.
    Yes, but the magic school bus is the best.  I am in Mrs. Frizzle’s class.  Haha.
    Yes, but Peter likes me more than you.
    Did he tell you that?
    No, but I think that he likes me more.  I am more green.  Haha.
    ooga ooga ooga ooga
    Do robots have wings?
    Nee nee nee nee nee, haa haa haa.  I am a robot, and I have wings.
    nee nee nee nee, My friend is red.
    My friend is green.
    Peter is lucky that his mommy is willing to humor him.
    Yes, tell your mommy that you love her and give her a big hug.
    Do it now.
    Tamsyn likes hugs.
    But mommy, you need to tell Peter how special he is.  Go on, tell him.
    How sweet.


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