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I’m back! Family History.

Has it really been a month since I posted on this blog?  Wow, time flies.  I am a girl who gets passionate about projects, puts my heart and soul into it, and then wants to move on.  A blog is never done, but I took a break.  What have I been doing?  I recently renewed an old passion of mine for family history, and I have been spending my computer time google-ing the names of our ancestors.


I have been amazed at the wealth of information that I have found, including pictures in many cases.  A family history site is of little interest to anyone but family, and the only people that it is 100% relevant to is my husband and I and our children, but to any relatives, it will be of value.  Check it out if you are curious, maybe it will give you ideas for doing your own family history.  I look forward to using this resource with my children when they are older.  Also, by installing a search engine for the specific blog, it will be easier to find certain histories.  “Which ancestor was it that was in Zion’s Camp, again?”  The search will find it.  After spending way too much time on this project, I have grounded myself to only doing family history blogging on Sunday.  I then go to the Post Options, and tell it to publish the histories throughout the week.  Then I get them e-mailed to myself and I spend more time reading the histories and talking about it with my children.  I forced my husband to subscribe too, and sometimes he gives it a second glance before he deletes them, haha.  I am also working on some child-friendly presentations to teach my children about where they came from.  I will share them with you when I get to the histories of dead people.

What am I doing to teach my children family history?

  • I am making family history bits of intelligence cards for individual ancestors.
  • We are making a poster pedigree chart, to which we will add pictures, and country flags next to individuals who immigrated.
  • I am making a card game, a smaller version of the bit cards.  Not unlike the game found here:  http://www.ancestrygames.com/index.php
  • I am working on power-point presentations with sentence histories followed by pictures (big project).
  • I am telling my children stories and showing them pictures.
  • I am demonstrating my own excitement for the subject.  (easy enough, but I need to give myself credit).
  • I am planning and executing field trips to family related locations.  For example, we visited my Grandma and took pictures of family heirlooms.  The following week we visited Michael’s grandmother.  There is a historic marker in town with one of my ancestor’s names on it, and we will visit it soon.  Of course there are cemeteries.  I wonder if there are any old homes still standing that I don’t know about.  If money were no object, I would love to travel to Europe and see the places where my ancestors lived, but that’s not in the budget right now…


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