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Singing Solfege lesson one

Here is an introductory video to singing solfege with the Curwen hand signs.  This video outlines So, Mi, and La.  Why do I start with these notes?  Why not start with ‘Do’?  Well, these three notes are the easiest notes for children to sing.  Think of “Ring around the Rosies”, or the taunting melody sung around the world, “You can’t catch me!”  ‘Do’ will come soon enough, but this is the best place to start.  This video is in the key of “D”, which is also the easiest key for young children to sing in.  Even though the video is homemade with less than optimal lighting, it shows exactly what I would do with your children if they came to my home for a singing lesson.

Special thanks to the Anderson family for their help in creating this film. Stay posted for more videos!


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  1. Love the house idea. Is there a lesson two for the rest of solfege? I am brand new to teaching Solfege and need ideas of how to make it work for 1st – 6th grade choirs!

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