Walking Piano

I had a famous visitor come to my website last weekend.  Remo Saraceni, inventor of the walking piano featured on “BIG” with Tom Hanks, commented on my Musical Stairs post.  When I looked at his profile, “Fun Maker”, and realized who he is, I was very excited about the visit, and my 3-year-old son and I spent the next 30 minutes watching YouTube videos of people playing with his inventions.  This video was our favorite:

I wish I had $250,000 to buy one!  Maybe someday when I’m rich and famous.  Being realistic, I have noted some of the museums that feature his inventions and hope to see some of them someday, especially his studio in Philadelphia.  Here is his blog.  Here is the piano picture gallery from his website.  I was touched by one picture of a child in a wheelchair rolling across the keys. Meet the man behind the invention in this video:

I am truly fascinated by this wonderful combination of technology, music, and imagination.  Thank you, Remo Saraceni, for sharing your innovation with the world.


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