Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was our little girl’s second birthday, so whether it’s the terrible twos, or the terrible threes, our children have us covered.  I love how her birthday also marks the beginning of Spring.

Birthday Pie Tradition

My husband especially loves pie, but I have never learned how to make one, and we usually don’t like to stock the ingredients necessary to make one from scratch.  So we buy one for our birthdays.  There is plenty of cake at extended family parties, but we like pie when it is just us.  What are some of your birthday traditions?  This is the cherry pie that Michael cut.  We didn’t cover the edge with tin foil, but it was still pretty enough to eat. 

Here is how she chose to wear her princess skirts that we gave her:

Next week we are going to have a birthday party for her featuring activities that children do all around the world to celebrate birthdays.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

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kate says March 22, 2011

Ooh, pie sounds like a great birthday tradition! Your blog is full of neat info, Tamsyn! Glad to see you're doing well. 🙂

Ashly says March 24, 2011

Yeah! Spring!! Happy bday little missy!

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