Famous Balloon Kicker

For the recent birthday party, we purchased a pack of balloons from the dollar store to make the pinata.  Yesterday I blew them all up, and when my siblings visited, it was a wonderful mad house.  I am going to do this every time our kids have a birthday.  When they pop, the mess is done, and in the meantime, they have a lot of fun.  My son told me that he really wants to be a famous balloon kicker.  I am always choosing what to post, but today, it is his turn to shine!

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Ashly says April 1, 2011

Lia is a fan of Peter and his amazing abilities! "Look at that Famous Balloon Kicker!" she said as she watched the video. I don't know if she was referring Peter directly or if she was just commenting on the video. Either way, he is cute!

Tamsyn Spackman says April 1, 2011

LOL! That's so cute!

raghu says August 30, 2011

it's very beautiful and so cute..
thank u for sharing info………

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