Famous Balloon Kicker

For the recent birthday party, we purchased a pack of balloons from the dollar store to make the pinata.  Yesterday I blew them all up, and when my siblings visited, it was a wonderful mad house.  I am going to do this every time our kids have a birthday.  When they pop, the mess is done, and in the meantime, they have a lot of fun.  My son told me that he really wants to be a famous balloon kicker.  I am always choosing what to post, but today, it is his turn to shine!


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Thoughts on Michaelmas History
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  1. Lia is a fan of Peter and his amazing abilities! "Look at that Famous Balloon Kicker!" she said as she watched the video. I don't know if she was referring Peter directly or if she was just commenting on the video. Either way, he is cute!

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