Dress Code Experiment

I am experimenting with a new family dress code this week.  We have over-all become slack in our dress because we spend most of our time in the house with each other.  There is nothing wrong with T-shirts and jeans, of course, and there really isn’t anything wrong with letting the kiddos roam the home in nothing but a diaper and a onesie.  It is what we have been doing for a long time, it is what many families do, and I hope that no one who reads this post gets the idea that I think that you shouldn’t wear what is comfortable for you.
I have just been thinking, that’s all.  I have been thinking about wearing dresses and skirts more often, and I have made that switch now as an experiment.

The first time I thought about making the switch was when I saw the Duggar family, whom I admire, and all of the pretty girls in their family.  It wasn’t until I read their book that I went back to look at their pictures and noticed that all of the girls in their family were wearing dresses or skirts.  They were cute skirts!  They were feminine, cute, and I like the way that their family dresses.  In her book, Michelle says that she did not spend an arm and a leg on the clothing that the girls wear.  Some of the girls sew, but most of the clothes are bought at Thrift stores, and the colors happen to be coordinated.  A nice skirt costs about the same as a pair of jeans, it is just a matter of what you choose to wear.  I became very open-minded to the idea when I saw how cute it can be.  Wearing a dress every day doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a pioneer!

Then I read a couple of posts from “Being a Mother Who Knows”, particularly these two:


I decided to give it a shot!  Then I realized that my wardrobe wouldn’t support the dress code, but I also have been needing pants, so I went shopping for dresses instead.  We went to the local thrift shop, and for $22, I bought myself two skirts, and three dresses for my daughter to wear.

So far, it has been really fun.  I am already one of those people who like to wear dresses, and it has been my policy to wear a dress all day long on Sunday for awhile now.  Wearing a dress has not interfered with housework or parenting so far.  In fact, by dressing myself up, I have been more inspired to clean the house so that the home will match my attire.  When I’m in my grubbies, it is okay for the home to be a little grubby, but when I’m dressed more like a princess, it reminds me that our home is our castle, and I want to try harder to get the house clean.  (however, I will admit that I chose to blog this morning, putting my chores on hold.  I’m not perfect, I’m only inspired, but it’s a start!)

A couple of points that I have noticed already:

  • My husband loves it!  We have joked that my wearing a dress will remind both of us who wears the pants around here, lol.  But seriously, he loves it.
  • I feel like a princess.  :o)
  • My daughter has been VERY happy to make the switch.  She was tickled pink to buy the dresses, she loves spinning in them, and when she looks in the mirror, she smiles and says, “Pwitty dwess!”

 There is something very natural about women and girls wearing dresses.  We have been doing it for centuries!  I am excited to do it more in our home.  However, I am not tossing out the pants yet.  After all, it is perfectly normal for a girl to wear pants too, and if the opportunity to go horseback riding comes my way, I’ll be very grateful that I have them.


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Thoughts on Michaelmas History
  • Although I personally won't be making a change to dresses or skirts all the time, I really enjoyed your post and has inspired me to get dressed in the morning and look good even if I don't have anywhere to go. I think this is a great idea and commend your family for making the change.

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