Rhythm for Preschoolers

Beginning Rhythm for Preschoolers is my first e-book, written to help my children learn how to read music. Young children and babies are learning how to read. With the ever-increasing growth of technology, it becomes easy to confirm this. I believe that the ability to learn to read at a young age extends to the realm of music. Why not? They are linguistic geniuses, and music is one of the most natural and universal languages in the world.  For preschoolers, the
best place to start is with
My musical training as a music graduate and an Orff instructor convinced me long ago that I needed to teach my children to read music at a young age. I have drawn from my experience and present to my children the best methods in my toolbox. In Beginning Rhythm for Preschoolers, I share with you the program I am using with my own children. Some of the tools I use include

  • Stick Notation
  • French rhythm solfege
  • Body and instrument percussion
  • Large font for easier reading
  • Bright colors
  • Simple rhythmic elements, only the quarter note, quarter rest, and eighth notes are used
  • Extension activities and games to hold your child’s interest
  • Short, simple lessons (as little as a minute a day!)

I have used this program with my piano students, modified it for young children, and adapted it during use to clear up my little boy’s confusions. It works! The tools used in this course are widely known and used by many professional musicians. They have a proven track record for success. My only genius, if I have any at all, is taking these elements and further simplifying them for my two-year-old. He can read music at the level presented in this course, and your child can learn too.

New Bonus Materials!

Now includes two note-reading games specifically designed for the preschool crowd:

The  e-book is 26-page. It includes all of the templates you need, and instructions to make, everything that you see pictured here:

Beginning Rhythm for Preschoolers also includes

  • Instructions on how to use the manipulatives
  • A suggested order for teaching
  • Trouble-shooting guides for tricky concepts
  • Tips for maintaining your child’s interest
  • My own experiences with the material

Note:  This product is no longer available.  It has been upgraded, and integrated into a new product, “Beginning Rhythm”, available here:  Beginning Rhythm new release


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