Practice time logs

That which can be monitored can be improved. I have found in my teaching that when my students have been struggling with a song for a few weeks, we always come to the inevitable question: “How much have you been practicing?” Yes, that’s what I thought.
I am so grateful that my piano teacher consistently asked for a report on how much I had practiced during the week. If I had not filled out a time-log, she made me do my best guess right there in the lesson before we warmed up or did anything else. Because I knew that I would be accountable for my work, I was motivated during the week to have something positive to report. On the flip side, when I was preparing for competitions, it was encouraging to be able to say “I practiced three hours today!”

My last couple years of teaching I finally learned from my teacher and created a time log.  I put Sunday in parentheses because I never practice my lessons on Sunday, and I don’t require Sunday practice of my students, but if they did practice their hymns or anything like that, they could record it in that spot.
Recording your time log is one simple, little thing you can have your student/child do that makes a big difference over the long haul.


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