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Lacing cards for the quiet bag

Here is a simple project to keep little hands busy and quiet during Church services.  The pictures came out of the Ensign magazine.  I printed out a little tidbit of information for the picture on card-stock, used a glue-stick on the other side for the picture, laminated it, and used a hole-punch around the edges.  When I originally did this project, we used a shoelace, and were subsequently mortified at how loud it was when our children used it during the meetings.  We experimented with several mediums before settling with boondoggle.  Fortunately Michael has an abundant supply from his boy-scout days.  It slides very nicely with the lamination.  My toddler doesn’t have the attention span to finish these (8 1/2″ by 11″), so I’m going to make some smaller ones for her.  This is a fast and easy project that you could use to teach any subject, and they are also great for car trips.  It’s essentially a bit of intelligence card with holes around the edges.  Have fun!


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