Feb 5, 2011

Quick-growing crystals

I give full credit for this experiment to Home Science Tools.  Click their link to see the science behind the experiment, and for more crystal-growing ideas.

For this experiment we needed:

·                    1/2 cup Epsom salts
·                    Food coloring
·                    1/2 cup hot tap water
·                    A refrigerator

Mix the Epsom salts with hot tap water and color the water any color you want.  Then refrigerate them and see what happens after a few hours.  We made ours in the morning and took these pictures at dinner-time.

With my son's recent obsession with Superdog, I'm going to revisit this experiment and make red and green kryptonite with him.  You could make a whole crystal garden if you wanted to!

1 comment:

Ashly said...

You are always doing such fun stuff! I love following this blog!!

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