Counting Game

From the family archives comes my son’s first counting video.  I credit the idea for the game from Siegfried Engelmann‘s “Give your Child a Superior Mind”.
My husband and I taught our son this “game” by playing it with each other at every meal.  Our son thought that it was so-o-o cool, and before long he was playing with us.  Soon after, he was counting to ten independently.
Learning to count set the foundation for learning his numbers, but by itself, it was simply recitation.  Even now, a year later, he only really knows his numbers up to four.  He recognizes the numerals and math-u-see blocks up to ten, but cannot properly identify more than four objects.  This counting game was his first introduction to math.  Counting books were more enjoyable to him, and the foundation was set.
It was also his first memorization exercise.  Repetition is all it takes to teach younger children recitation.  Recently our son learned the Pledge of Allegiance from hearing it every day in our devotionals.
Just food for thought.


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  1. Too funny! We did this with our kids but I never would have even thought about it being a game or having a name. Our children just did it naturally, it was not planned.

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