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Rain, rain, go away, piano chords are here to stay.

Last time I showed you how to “build” a major triad with Lego blocks.  This video shows a little application, and how building a piano model with your blocks is an effective shortcut for building more triads.  Lead sheet music is also introduced.  By the way, you don’t have to actually play the melody line […]

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“Building” a major triad.

Music has lots of patterns.  Patterns are an idea that repeats itself again and again.  Learning to recognize and recreate patterns on the piano is going to help you create music in a beautiful, fun way.  One of the first patterns we see when we look at the piano are the black and white keys.  […]

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Purchasing legos as a teaching manipulative

Welcome to a mini-course about building and working with chords on the piano.  I am excited to share some ideas with you that I have used with my students for about three years, and which has gone over well with them.  My secret?  Using lego blocks to visualize the building process!  Over the next couple […]

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