RV Tour, Week 3

We have had a few requests for a home tour now that we are living in it.You know, I remember reading once that a lot of full-timing families get requests for them to audition for a reality TV show. The crew comes and films them for a day, and the ultimately decide not to follow through with it because living in an RV is surprisingly similar to living in a sticks and bricks, and rather boring on a day-to-day basis. It's the field trips that make the lifestyle exciting, but they don't happen every day.

We are still fixing up the RV. It rained this weekend and we haven't finished fixing the roof yet, but the tarp worked great. We were warm and dry and hay a yummy chicken stew.

The motorhome is smogged and registered now, so we can drive it and stay at campgrounds now. Yay! Small steps.

My next post will be about homeschooling, and sharing what materials made the cut.


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