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Our first week living in an RV

Well, we’ve done it!  We live in an RV.

Here’s the TMI rundown, for anyone interested.  This week has been a time for making our ship sea-worthy.  Yep, we put the cart before the horse and moved in.  This week we just barely failed the smog test, and took it to San Bernadino where a mechanic worked on it in his yard after his day job.  He said we have a great engine, it just needed a tune-up.  We thought our fuel-gage was broken, but once we decided not to fix it up now and put more gas in the tank, it started working.  Yay!  Michael has been hard at work on the roof, and a young man in our congregation has been helping him.  Soon we won’t have to put a tarp up there every time the dew point threatens us.  I know it rains a bit here in December, so that’s our priority.  We found out our sewage system works great, and that was a relief since we used it before testing it.  Something’s not right with our water pump, so we’ve been hauling water in.  Fortunately the reservoir works, so we can dump water down the sink.  This week we are still parked in our land-lady’s yard, and have had electricity and internet that way.  So there’s the details.  Overall, I’m feeling excited about this transition.  I’ve really wanted this life, and there’s a part of me that has to pinch myself wondering if we’ve really taken this step.  Now all we need to do is get a location-independent income coming in and we can hit the road.  In the meantime, Michael is still doing solar.  Maybe the RV life will be handy for that since Michael’s boss is working on opening a few new areas and we could easily move to those areas.  It’s a big motorhome and we have plenty of space to store the things we use most often.  We took everything but the bare essentials to the storage unit and have slowly been moving more of the luxeries into the RV as we have wanted them and know we had space for them.  We’ve even started doing school again.  I’m looking forward to using fewer materials, but using them consistently.

Here’s a bedtime moment I captured, I hope you enjoy it!


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