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I have had a lot of questions and feedback from my local homeschooling community and I hope this post may clarify some things or you too.

First of all, Piano Wizard launched it’s Kickstarter campaign yesterday, and I am excited to have an i-pad app to go with the game.  Check it out.  They have some amazing stretch goals- ideas for other apps they would like to develop, and they have some awesome deals available.  There are smaller versions of the software that are usually not a purchase option too.

In relation to that, those who are unfamiliar with Kickstarter may not know how it works.  Kickstarter is NOT a donation program, as business builders are not asking for you directly to donate to their new project.  They put together a series of rewards they will offer individuals depending on how much money they back up the project with.  Kickstarter is a way for them to bring their project idea to consumers to see if there is enough interest before they make the actual investment of creating a product.  If there are enough backers, the project gets funded, the product is made, and the backers get the reward they signed up for, delivered according to the individual terms and conditions.  If there are not enough backers, nobody gets charged any money and the business owner knows there wasn’t enough interest.  Overall it is a win-win situation.

Second, yes, I am an affiliate for Piano Wizard.  I love their product and they have an affiliate program.  Naturally I signed up.  That’s what bloggers do.  🙂  But I am first and foremost a fan.  During this kickstarter campaign, I would rather see the sales go through this endeavor.  I’m eager for them to be able to fund their app creations.

I have also had some feedback on the very long sales page that my affiliate link goes to, also as seen when you click on the Piano Wizard banner add on the side.

Yes.  The link I shared is a big long sales page.  But as an affiliate, the best price I can offer you is through that sales page letter.  I could have shared a link to their main website, but while there is a lot of helpful information there, the overall price is more.  I like to get a good deal as much as anyone else.  I actually purchased through someone else’s sales letter page.  Piano Wizard is a big investment, and I actually found the sales page information to be very helpful, especially the videos.  It clarified a lot of my questions and helped me know what to expect.  But my bottom line reasoning for using it was the price on that page.  I also know that if anyone does a little shopping online, they will find the Sonlight price, and I want to be able to match it.  Sonlight is a great company and all, but I would rather keep the sales I genuinely refer, and I can only do it if I can match their price.  This sales letter is my only way of doing that.  Also, right now they are not shipping from their main website because of the Kickstarter campaign, which, again, I fully support and encourage you to purchase through.  However, I was wrong to say on facebook that they wouldn’t ship at all.  If you buy through affiliate sales pages, they will still ship them.  I thought it was great that a Piano Wizard respresentative read through my comments and clarified this point to me, even though they especially want to see the Kickstarter campaign be successful.  I have been very impressed with my correspondence with the representatives of this company.  They are simply good, honest people and their customer service has been great.  Yes, I had to use it a few times while I was setting everything up.  haha.

I will also throw in a free copy of “The Solfege Train” to anyone who purchases Piano Wizard through my link, which is the same offer I have made for “Little Musician”.  I am also in the works of putting together some printable games and activities with the Piano Wizard colors, but I am still working out the logistics with their company.  These would be drawn from “The Solfege Train”, but with their patented color system.  Right now they are swamped with the kickstarter campaign, so let’s just say this little bonus won’t be available next week.  Even so, I am excited that they have expressed a willingness to work with me in that respect.

To my local friends I offer to show the Piano Wizard Academy materials in person and I will do my best to answer any more questions to anyone, either on or offline.  🙂


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