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Soft Mozart Scholarship Program!

I am no longer affiliated with Soft Mozart and have chosen to remove this content.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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  1. I just know what Hellene told me. She recently sent out an e-mail to those on her contact list that there were illegal distributers out there and let her know if we knew of any. I shared the link and she said "exactly". Amazon tries not to sell illegal stuff, but anybody can be a seller on Amazon. It will be interesting to see how things pan out now that she knows about it. I do know that the seller for the link you shared isn't Hellene.

  2. If they were illegal why would't MVI and Hellene Hiner remove them from Amazon? Amazon does't sell illegal stuff…just a thought.

  3. Thank you for sharing! Yes, $200 is a LOT cheaper than her price of $800 for the full version. However it is still cheaper to purchase through her scholarship program. I paid $150. I'm kicking myself a little because right now it's 25% off during the Christmas holidays, so for the time being it's even less. I'll be doing a follow-up post soon now that we have it installed and are using it. We are loving it so far!

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