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I really love Your Baby Can Read, as I have blogged in the past.  I was very happy this morning when I found Dr Titzer’s letter on facebook. (dated Aug 17th, 2012).  I think it is worth sharing here.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster over the recent lawsuit, and trying to contemplate how this could happen in our country.  There were no outraged customers that wanted a refund, instead there were thousands of happy, even passionately supportive customers that have rallied to Dr. Titzer’s defense.  I have been hopeful that they would still be able to sell their products internationally, and this letter confirms those plans.  As a result of the lawsuit, many good, hard working Americans have lost their jobs, and those jobs have essentially gone overseas.  I hope the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood is happy now.  Dr. Titzer is proud to be an American and would have liked to have kept his business on American soil, but Early Literacy is an important message, and he is sharing it only way he legally can.  I will always be grateful to his company and his products for what they have given my children.  Please allow me to share Dr. Titzer’s message:

Dear Your Baby Can Read Facebook Fans,

First of all, I want to sincerely and openly thank each and every family who shared success stories here or elsewhere and I thank the customers who defended us while we were not defending ourselves. Some of your words of support came when attacks were coming from many directions and it made this time easier knowing I had the genuine support of so many famili

es who have actually used the products.

I want to thank all of the former employees of Your Baby Can for their years of dedicated service while YBC had the rights to Your Baby Can Read from September of 2007 until August of 2012. These employees were devoted not only to their company, but also to the program. We had many competent, hard-working employees who lost their jobs through no fault of their own. I also want to thank the initial management team who believed they could make the world a better place by helping babies learn. Thank you for spreading the program to so many families who would not have taught their babies to read without your vision.

Finally, I want to thank the people who allowed our tiny company to regain the worldwide rights to the products. We will stand up to the people and organizations who brought down the company because this is much more than a business to me. We believe our programs provide some tools and some ideas that could help children around the world – especially in underprivileged areas.

Your Baby Can Read is probably the most-studied baby video in the world with at least a dozen studies looking at aspects of the program. All of the studies show positive results for babies who have consistently used the program. We will not be silent on issues surrounding early literacy. We will provide studies, explain everything more clearly, and outline the theoretical reasoning behind Your Baby Can Read. We will be creating websites with scientific information where parents and other interested parties can look at all of the data and decide if babies should be learning the written form of language at the same time as other aspects of language.

The Infant Learning Company is a small, family company that flourished from word of mouth sales for more than a decade. Our little company is happy to have the rights back and we remain dedicated to helping individuals advance through early literacy and infant learning.

We are excited about the opportunity to communicate with you more directly! The next few months will be especially busy and we appreciate our customers continuing to help each other with personal comments related to their use of our program. We look forward to having Your Baby Can Read available again soon outside of the US, then eventually in the US as well.

Dr. Bob Titzer


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