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Music Notation assignment number six

Jesu, der du meine Seele
Click here for pdf

New skills for this assignment include:

layering, staff spacer, accidental review

Setup:  select key signature with 4 flats, 12 measures.  I chose “piano” for instrumentation.
Step 1: Enter in top notes individually in treble clef.
Step 2: Click on the layer 2 button (numeral 2 in pictured grid)
Step 3: Enter in the alto line beginning in measure one.  Enter in reminder accidentals as you go, such as the G natural in measure 4.
Step 4:  Click on layer 1 again and enter in the tenor line.  Because of the leger line notes that may not be as familiar to you, here are the names of the notes (but not time values) (Many of these notes are actually flatted notes, but because of the key signature, they are flatted by default, and you don’t have to manually make them be flat):
M1: D, C, B, F, E, D, C
M2: B, C, A flat, F
M3: B, B, B, A natural, B
M4: C, B, D, C
M5: F, F, E, E
M6: D, E, F, E, D, C
M7: F, G flat, F, E, D, C, B
M8: E, A, B, C, D
M9: E, F, E, D
M10: G flat, F, F, E natural, F
M11: F, F, B, B
M12: B, A natural, F
Step 5: Click on layer 2 and enter in the bass part.
Step 6: Add the fermatas, which are located in the “Articulations & Ornaments” palette.
Step 7: Changing the staff spacing.  This needs to be done because the beams from the alto line cross the beams in the tenor line at places, such as measure 6, pictured.

In the Breaks and Spacer palette, select the staff spacer.

Drag this spacer to the first measure in the system.  Double click on the icon and drag the spacer down to make  the staff be taller.  This is a tricky step that I learned by an online search when I created this assignment.  I had to play with it a bit, but the end result looked nice.
Step 8:  Change page layout to be letter instead of A4.  Double check each measure to make sure that all of the accidentals are right, and that the reminder accidentals are in place.  You’re done!  And you are almost done with this course!  This is an advanced assignment, so congratulations on getting this far.  If you have any questions, I am happy to help!


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