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Psst! It’s okay to celebrate after the holiday.

I had many grand plans for celebrating Easter, and Easter came and went.  Sure, the kids got to go to an egg hunt, and most importantly we had a great Sunday at church and at home, talking about the true meaning of Easter.  But the Easter Bunny missed our house somehow, and in this context, I told my sister, “I’m a bad mom”.  My little brother, missing the conversation, said, “It’s okay, Tamsyn, at least you’re a good sister!”  Haha, somehow that didn’t help much, but his heart was pure.

There was one activity that we followed through on, and that was boiling and decorating eggs.  We simply colored them with crayons, reducing the risk of messes, and eliminating the possibility of having to eat dyed eggs.  I hate it when the dye goes through the shell!  My husband decorated the cutest ones, including Humpty Dumpty.

This morning I decided that I am going to follow through and do the other activities that I had planned on doing anyway.  The children will still love it- and they don’t understand the calender well enough to know or care that I’m late anyway.  Happy spring!  Here is my idea bag:  (titles are links)

Sugar String Easter Eggs
I need a good excuse to pop all of the balloons that are still floating around from Helen’s birthday, and this is perfect!

Easter Candles
I have egg shells waiting for this project, although I hesitate to have candles around my little ones.  I may or may not do this one.

Wheatgrass Easter Baskets
I tried to make these with the kids last year, but we used wheat that had been stored with an oxygen absorber, and they didn’t sprout very well.  I was excited to try again this year, but we are going to plant a garden this week instead.

So my point is, well I procrastinated.  Life happens, and it’s okay.  Better late than never!


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