Fun with cardboard boxes

When we recently visited my in-laws for the weekend, they had a special surprise for my children.  Three large cardboard boxes from the local appliance store!  Each one was cut differently to make a play house, and the children loved it.  We lay down a painting tarp for a make-shift carpet.  On this side you can see the circle window and the front door.  Note the hole for a door-nob.

Here is one of the natural windows for better lighting…

…but the pop-out windows were the kids favorite.

With proper parental supervision, the natural skylight was our baby’s favorite feature.

And from the family archives, a year ago when we were moving, we got several boxes to pack our things in and immediately taped them into large empty boxes.  The children spent hours playing with them, making forts, tunnels, and towers.  Before they got too annoying, they were filled with household goods and packed away, much to the dismay of our then-two-year-old. 

People often joke that the best part about expensive Christmas presents are the boxes that they come in.  There may be some truth in that.  The children will wear it out before you tire of it, it’s free if you are willing to do a little treasure hunting, and there are so many possibilities with a little imagination.


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Thoughts on Michaelmas History
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  1. I love BOXES!! No really, I love them for me and the kids like them too. I remember spending hours with my sisters inside of large boxes. 🙂

  2. There was always something magical about boxes to me.

    I'm discovering I spend $ on a toy thinking my son will love it, and then he picks the plastic tupperware lid over it & I wonder why I bother with toys at all!

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