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These recent posts about building memory have been accompanied by a spell of research and a renewal of fascination for what is being done in Asia.  Today I’m going to give myself a break in writing, and just share a few videos that I came across, if you’re interested.  Unfortunately, Shichida’s methods are a little bit secretive, and his popular book has not been translated into English.  Shichida’s program uses a lot of Doman’s ideas, which are widely available in his books.  The place that I have learned the most about Shichida is from Brillkid’s forums.  Some of the parents in that forum have taken their children to Shichida’s schools.

Overview- WOW!

Exercise for babies, similar to Doman’s Physically Superb program.

This is a clip from about their program for developing photographic memory.   I haven’t purchased or used these products, but I’m thinking about it…

Programs for photographic memory often include eye-tracking exercises, which are readily available on the internet.  My son loved the following one.  Watch out for the red and blue spiky one that YouTube suggests at the end.  It has a scary clown at the end as a practical joke.  I would have laughed less if my toddler had been watching it with me.  Superboy is just cute:


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Thoughts on Michaelmas History

Thoughts on Michaelmas History
  • I think that the two methods are extremely compatible. In fact, Shichida has implemented many of Doman's tools in his schools, such as the math dots. Both focus on right-brain development. I think that his memory tools and games are fantastic. I wish I knew more about Shichida, but it's so hard to learn about what they do in the states. I am trying to move towards using both.

  • Hi. I want to begin to use Schichida or doman's tools with my child of 3 months. There are so many. Do you have any idea what to purchase?

  • "How Smart is your baby" by Doman is a great place to start since your baby is still so young. It summarizes the physical activities and reading programs very nicely, although any of his books would be helpful. I don't know of any Schichida prodcts that are available in the states (where I live), but there are many products based on his methods available. I recommend the brillkids/brillbaby forums for reviews and suggestions. (

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