Changing Focus

I have been juggling domains and hosting around a lot lately, and learning a lot in the process.  I had started another website,, which I let expire, hosted the content on this blog, and then decided that the information I dream of creating for it just doesn’t fit the scope of professional-mothering.  I had already put a lot of SEO work into teaching-children-music, so I decided to host it with blogger’s free hosting like I did with this blog.  The conversion is complete!

I feel like this blog is “up and running” again, and that I am catching up on all of the things that I wanted to blog about but didn’t have time for while we were moving and having a baby.  Of course I will still be blogging here, but I’m going to slow down and use my precious writing time (ie, when the kids are still asleep in the morning!) to build up my other blog.

“Teaching Children Music” is a site that I’m building to keep myself fresh and up-to-date in the music side of things.  I am a musician by trade.  I have my degree in vocal performance, taught piano lessons for 14 years (wow, that’s half of my life!), and have worked with several children’s choirs.  Besides being the church organist and singing and community functions, I don’t do much with music anymore.  I am semi-retired from teaching piano so that I can be a full-time mother.  But I still have a lot to give, and this music site is my creative outlet to those ends.

Right now most of the content on the site is old, but in the near future I will be building it up and focusing my efforts there.  Whereas “Professional Mothering” is more about preschool, “Teaching Children Music” is for all ages.  I am excited about this new project. 


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