Review for hometownseeds

One of the links that was lost when I transferred the website hosting over was for hometown seeds.  The good people from this company contacted me and asked for a link in exchange for a seed packet.  I was really excited about that and agreed, and I’m excited to be planting them this year.  It’s only fair that I again refer to them on my blog.
The product that I was most impressed with was their survival seeds.  These seeds are non-hybrid seeds, which means that you can plant the seeds from your crop and sustain your garden from year to year.  Hybrid seeds sometimes produce sweeter corn or larger tomatoes, but you have to keep purchasing the seeds from year to year, so for long-term emergency situations they are less ideal.  It is impracticable for us to have more than a year’s food storage while we’re living in a two-bedroom town-home, but a year’s supply of sustainable seeds makes us feel prepared for the long haul.  Our seeds came from a ward activity, but if not, we would definitely purchase something like this for our storage.  They’ve put together a nice package for a great price.


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