Mom’s Song

This is one of the first songs I ever wrote. I was contemplating how lucky I was to be born into such a good family, and was proud of my mother for the sacrifices that she’s made for me. Incidentally, when my maternal grandmother passed away, my mother suggested it as a potential musical number, and it seemed to fit well. It was also put on the funeral program for my great-grandma. So now I think of this song as a funeral song, even though that wasn’t its original purpose. Sometimes music takes on a life of its own.

Mom’s Song

Now I bow in humble prayer
I thank Thee Lord for the blessings I share.
For the flowers, and for the trees,
For the earth, and a gentle breeze.

For the one who gave me life,
Gave me strength amid toil and strife,
Made me who I am today,
For my Mother, I kneel to pray.

For she’s been my everything,
Taught me to fly ond Heaven’s wings.
And for this she asks of me
Only that I turn to Thee.

Give her strength to do Thy will.
May her cup of peace be filled.
May the ones that she holds dear
Bring her love, and always be near.

Now I bow in humble prayer.
Bless my mother, and keep her in thy care.

© Tamsyn Spackman 2001


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