Beautiful Flower Crowns

Making flower crowns was a fun activity that took very little time to make and really made the bearers of the crowns beam with pride.

I recently had the opportunity to host a couple of young ladies at our home and as I pondered what I could do with them, I looked out the window and saw our beautiful tulips. There were so many, and while they are certainly lovely for those who pass by our home, I also knew that they could also be better served in the hair of the young children in my care.Because there was a certain young man to participate in the event, I told the children that flower crowns have a rich history for boys and for girls, both for weddings, and as a symbol of royalty. The girls were princesses and Peter was a prince. Helen just played with a tulip, and I’m afraid she ended up eating it while I wasn’t watching. After some research, I discovered that they are edible, so I didn’t worry too much about it…

Making the flower crowns

I have read several different times how to make floral garlands, but when I tried to do it with the tulips, the stems broke and so much for that. I improvised with pipe cleaner (what a wonderful resource to have on hand!) and tape and was surprised at how easy it was to create a make-shift crown that was more sturdy than a regular floral wreath would have been. I taped around the sharp ends of the pipes so it wouldn’t poke the children, and reinforced the stems with the wire. Each wreath took about 30 seconds to construct, the children spent more time picking out their flowers. It was really fun! Next time I’m going to put those dandelions to use…


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