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The History of Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah!  In 2020, it begins December 10th.  And while it may not be part of Christmas proper, I think it is still within the spirit of the underlying theme of the Advent- to study the history of winter holiday.  The Jewish festival of lights. For purposes of this blog post, I am going to […]

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The History of the Wild Hunt

The more one digs into the history of Christmas, the more connections one will find to the Wild Hunt.  I found in this Advent Calendar project that I can’t ignore it any more because an understanding of this ancient archetype is prerequisite to understanding other holiday themes and characters.  So let’s dig in. In a […]

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The History of Mistletoe

While I had heard of kissing under the mistletoe, I hadn’t really ever seen any until I moved with my family to South Carolina.  There it grows in abundance in the trees, and I learned how it is a parasite that leaches life out of some trees enough to kill them.  My brothers would go […]

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