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Creating a Math-Rich Environment in the Home

In this video I give a quick overview of many of the math-related materials we have used in our homeschooling, along with a few we are trying this year for the first time.  While I have indicated in the video that it contains advertisements, I do so because I was freely endorsing products I love.  I was not paid to promote or otherwise endorse any of them.  Page does contain a few affiliate links.  🙂

Picture of several math resources

Math resources we use in our homeschooling.

Here are links for some of the materials mentioned:

Memorize in Minutes: The Times Tables - This is the book from multiplication.com.  The books are definitely better than the online games, in my opinion.

MathTacular - Note that Volume 4 is very different from the first 3, and my kids weren't as big of a fan. With my older kids, we did Volume One when they were 2-3 years old (with supervision because the pieces are small), Volume Two around 3-5 years old, and Volume Three for 4+, especially to review math concepts as they came up. I really like the playful approach to math. It's not a textbook, it's just videos that teach concepts in playful ways, and that's perfect for little kids who are too young for textbooks and likewise learn through play.  If you don't have any math manipulatives, I highly recommend the ones that come with his complete bundle!  Not only do they match what is in the DVDs, but they're also some of the best on the market.

Ray's New Primary Arithmetic for Young Learners - This is the public-domain math book mentioned in the video.  It's really amazing how many great materials from the past that are available for homeschooling.  I found quite a few when we were full-time RV-ing!

Right Brain Kids - This is the website for the Wink program I mentioned for right-brained learning.

Geoff White's Website for the Mortensen Method - This is the website where I got the Teacher's Handbook for Teaching Math with the Mortensen Method.  There is such a wealth of information in this handbook!  Crewton Ramone's House of Math is another officially recognized teacher for the Mortensen method.

Soroban Abacus - Complete Abacus Mind Math is the book featured in the video.  

When I was starting, I used HEV to teach the basics to the kids.  Initially, they had a paid website, but it never took off and they just made the videos free. I don't think they have the printables they used to provide with it available anymore, but it wouldn't hurt to ask them if you're interested.  I double-triple-dog-dare you to watch a few videos on YouTube of the fastest mental abacus champions.  You'll be really impressed!

Peter Weatherall's Website -
This is a YouTube video for the Platonic Solids I sang with the dice.  There's a good deal more on Peter Weatherall's DVDs, but this is the quality you can expect.  They're simple, but so cleverly done, and my kids love his songs! His Human Biology collection is my favorite.

Your Child Can Discover -
Two of the books in the stack were from the Your Child Can Discover kit.  Not an affiliate link!  We primarily used the program to help teach our kids how to read from infancy, but the math in this particular video and book series is really great.  In fact, these educational DVDs are my favorite of all of the DVDs we have purchased for the 4-6 crowd.

Math Games and Activities -
Paul Shoecraft's books are old and harder to find these days, but I mostly shared them as an example of the kinds of activities we did with our older kids especially when they were younger.  There are so many math blogs and free printables out there that you can print out, laminate and play with.  I do love and recommend this book, but I was pretty lucky to find it at a thrift store!  Use what you have.

Here I share Amazon book links featuring a few other books shown in the video, in no particular order.  And I forgot to mention Sir Cumference, so I linked to them books too.  We mostly read them from the library.  Always use the library when you can with homeschooling!


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