Dinosaurs in Vernal

Hey there!  It's been awhile, we've been busy MOVING!  To Vernal, Utah!  And this place has so much character.  For anyone who has never been to Dinosaur National Monument and seen the quarry there, it's something everyone should see at least once in their life, if possible.  It's really something.

This morning I decided to take the kids around town and collect pictures of as many murals and statues as we could.  We started with Dinah the iconic pink dinosaur, and went west, sticking mostly to Main Street.  I know I missed a few, including the mural at the pool in town and its dinosaur slide, and there are a few more in between Vernal and the National Monument, but this is enough to give a good taste of what Vernal has to offer!  A dinosaur lover's paradise!

Dinah used to hold the sign for Motel Dine a Ville, but when they went out of business, she moved to greet visitors on the East end of town.

These two images are from the gardens outside the Dinosaur Museum in Vernal.  We didn't visit today, but we have in the past, and it's really cool!  The mural below it was across the street.

The Dinosaur Inn sign on Main Street is hard to miss!

These two murals are just next to Cobble Rock Park, which has fountains and a few plaques about the history of Vernal before it became renown for the dinosaur bones.

This one is across the street.  Little dinosaur references like this are very common in Vernal.

These statues are near the library and the Uintah County Heritage Museum.  There are other interesting statues nearby, but we were going for a dinosaur theme today.

The stegasaurus frame may be simple, but it's one of my favorites!

There are many murals in Vernal that do NOT have dinosaurs in them, which is something I really love about this town.  This one included Dinah though, so we're including it here.

This one needs no explanation.  Fun fact!  Dinosaur bones from the nearby quarry can be found in museums all over the country and even in Canada!  There were bones from over 400 individual dinosaurs found, and only about 100 remain in the quarry today.

This mural is on our street, so the kids are especially familiar with it.  And the swimming dinosaur is near their grandparent's home.

This is Rex, and he is nearly as famous as Dinah.  He has a reputation for wearing fine clothing.  I was suprised at how much bigger he seems when you're not cruising by in a car!

I'll end with this giant mural video.  If you ever want to visit Vernal, let me know!  We'd love to host old and new friends.  (Although at the time of this writing we are remodeling our home, lol.)


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