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Kickster Campaign for a Location Independent income

Things have been crazy at our home lately.  We are moving into our RV in 12 (TWELVE!) days!  While I have dreamed about this move for a long time, now that it is at our doorstep, I’m starting to 2nd-guess myself, lol.  No, this is a good thing for us, the kids are excited, and we’ll make all the little hurdles happen.

In the meantime, my husband is still doing Solar, and that will continue to be our main source of income until we can work something else out.  I am truly hopeful that it will be the dream expressed in our Kickstarter Campaign.  It’s great for homeschoolers, musicians, and anyone wanting to teach children music, and I really do think we are offering a lot of value.  Please check it out if you feel inclined.  Thank you.  🙂


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