Reading list for January

Yay!  I made a goal this year to read 2013 books to my kids, and so far we are on track.  I need to read 168 every month.  It’s been a lot of fun, and the goal has pushed me more than I thought it would.  I guess I don’t read as much as I thought I did, and it has taken making a record to realize that.  I was already being lenient to myself by allowing repeats to count, so if I read a book more than once, I count it more than once.  That makes sense since young children learn from repetition.  I have also decided to follow the lead from some of my peers and count each chapter in a chapter book as a “book”, since each chapter takes more time to read than most children’s story books anyway.  This list is a little shy, but we are also going through scripture readers which I won’t count until we finish, so that gives me a little leeway.  This is a fun goal!

Check out my friend Krista’s list:  I recognize the Elephant and Piggie books, but otherwise our lists are very different.  My list was mostly by chance based on what looked good at the library.  There are a lot of books out there!

1.       A Baby Monkey Grows Up
2.       A Cache of Jewels and other collective nouns
3.       A Harbor Seal grows up
4.       Abby Mix and Match Nursery Rhymes
5.       Are you ready to play outside? (x2)
7.       Aurora, The Perfect Party (chapter book, 10 chapters)
17.   Baby Krypto (homemade book)
18.   Barbie, Let’s go outside! (x2)
20.   Be good, Bobos!
21.   Berenstain Bears and The Wishing Star
22.   Birds
23.   Brave, Oh Brother! (x3)
26.   Brehmen Town Musicians
27.   Busy Baby Discovery Time
28.   Can you tell a Seal from a Sea Lion?
29.   Cars: Go, Go, Go! (x4)
33.   Chicky Chicky Chook Chook
34.   Curious George ABC Book (x4)
38.   Curious George and the Bunny (x4)
42.   Curious George Are you Curious? (x4)
46.   Curious George cleans up (x2)
48.   Curious George Opposites (x4)
52.   Curious George takes a trip (x2)
54.   Disney Tangled (Golden board book)
55.   Earth movers: Tractors!
56.   Eebee’s adventures make it happen: Opposites
57.   Elephants cannot dance! (x2)
59.   Fly High, Fly Guy! (x2)
61.   From oil to gas
62.   Geography Encyclopedia: New Zealand
63.   Gingerbread Baby (x2)
65.   Gingerbread Friends
66.   Go Baby Jaguar (x3)
69.   Happy Birthday, Mouse
70.   Hi! Fly Guy (x2)
72.   I am a Dolphin
73.   I am Cinderella (x2)
75.   I can name bills and coins
76.   If I ran the Zoo
77.   It’s Potty Time! (x2)
79.   Joseph Board Book
80.   Krypto the Superdog, The Secret Rocket
81.   La Oruga Muy Hambrienta
82.   Llama Llama, mad at Mama (x3)
85.   Moses Supposes his toeses are roses
86.   My Big Sister (by Valerie Fisher. Loved it!)
87.   My first Dinosaur board book (x2)
89.   One to ten and back again
90.   Oso Pardo, Oso Pardo, ¿Que ves ahi?
91.   Panda bear, Panda Bear, What do you see?
92.   Pinkalicious: The Princess of Pink Slumber Party
93.   Puppies, pussycats, and other friends (x2)
95.   Quiet Loud
96.   Rapunzel: A day to Remember (chapter book, 8 chapters)
104.Really Weird Animals
105.Save the Elephants!
106.Shape up, Pup! (x3)
109.Should I share my Ice Cream? (x3)
112.Silly Chicken
115.Some kids are blind
116.Swing! (x2)
118.Tangled: A Horse and a hero (x4)
122.Tangled: Kingdom of Color
123.The Berenstain Bears say their prayers
124.The Big Potty Book
125.The Day Ray got Away
126.The Disney Princess Word Book
127.The Little Red Hen
128.The Magic School Bus and the missing tooth
129.The Magic School Bus Flies from the nest
130.The Magic School Bus rides the wind (x2)
132.The Magic School Bus, lost in the Snow
133.The milk makers
134.The very hungry caterpillar (x3)
137.There was an old lady who swallowed Fly Guy (x2)
139.Tiger Lily and the Waterfall
140.Tiny Catches a Fish (x2)
142.Toy Story, Move Out!
143.Wag! Fwip Fwip Fwip
144.Watch me throw the ball! (x2)
146.We’ve all got belly buttons!
147.What Animals Can Do
148.What I do
149.Where’s my Mommy? (x2)
151.Your Baby Can Read 1 (x3)
154.Your Child Can Discover Colors
155.Yummiest Love


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