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Overall Education, Depth vs Acceleration

Two threads inspired this post, http://forum.brillkids.com/general-discussion-b5/we-can-do-by-moshe-kai/msg91624/?topicseen#new andhttp://forum.brillkids.com/homeschooling/which-homeschooling-method-are-you-thinking-of-or-are-currently-using/msg91619/?topicseen#new. Actually, they inspired a lot more than this post, I’ve been reading and re-reading a lot of homeschooling books lately, and charting out the next chunk of our education.  The people at BrillKids really inspire me. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  My husband recently […]

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Review of Little Reader Deluxe materials

Little Reader is available only at www.brillkids.com Get 10% off with coupon code BKAFF13180 In a previous post I reviewed the Little Reader software, which is the meat and potatoes of this program.  It was $150, and for $100 more, you can get the Deluxe version with the physical products I review in this video.  […]

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The Solfege Train

This product will be part of a new membership site as I relaunch my website.  Please check out our Kickstarter Campaign. “The Solfege Train is an e-product with more than 150 pages of printable materials and a 48 page instructional e-book, all in pdf format.  CD Data disk coming soon.  Here is a video tour […]

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Movable “Do” Piano Insert

This insert will help you play in any key, reminding you where the sharps and flats are.  My 3-year-old can transpose simple melodies into any key with it!  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth much more. Here is the printable: Movable “Do” Piano Insert Here is a simple melody […]

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Movable “Do” vs Fixed “Do”

(and why I like Movable “Do” better)  Before I dig into the debate of “Movable” vs “Fixed” solfege, let’s address the elephant in the room. Um, what is solfege? “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do”.  They are names given to the notes in the scale.  In many countries, these are the names of […]

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Announcing “The Solfege Train”

This week I am excited to announce that my big project is finally done, and I will be releasing it this Friday!  I’ve been working on it for more than a year.  Yahoo!! Here is what you can expect this week. Today:  The announcementTuesday:  Movable “Do” vs Fixed “Do” (the product is compatible for both)Wednesday: […]

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