Fun with Watermelon

I’m not very good at making sugar cookies, in fact I have done it only once with my children. But I love our cookie cutters and wanted to put them to good use, so we used them on our watermelon yesterday. The kids loved it! The only bad thing about it was that my 3-year-old didn’t want to eat the watermelon that surrounded his new creation. Oh well, more for me.

Two years ago I saw a fantastic idea in the Family Fun magazine to have a watermelon carving contest.  We carved one and the result was even creepier than the orange counterparts.  Our neighbors all commented on our creation.  Gutting the watermelon was a sticky mess, but the results were worth it.


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Thoughts on Michaelmas History

Thoughts on Michaelmas History
  • I LOVE this! I can't wait to try out the cookie cutters on the watermelon and especially the watermelon carving!!! I can never get onto pumpkins for halloween so this is a great alternative!!

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