Rainbow Castle

This game is for the beginning student.  This is a bonus that comes with my e-book, Beginning Rhythm

Print out colored cards, cut out and set aside.  Print gameboard, and if desired, laminate.  Use game pieces of your own choosing.

Draw a card, and move marker forward to the note indicated on card.  Because keys and cards are colored, the student does not actually have to know the note or the notation for it, they only have to match colors.  Next player’s move.  If the keyboard on the bottom ends before the next note, they get to the pot of gold and get to ride the rainbow up to the cloud.  On the top keyboard, if the keyboard ends before their note, they get to go to Rainbow Castle, and they win the game!

Tips for play:  Although the student only has to match colors, they are being introduced to note notation and the piano key names.  You can reinforce this by saying, “Move your marker to the ‘B'”, and so on.  Point out to your students when the notes are in the treble or bass clefs.  Have fun!


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