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Math pond

Making a math pond was a simple project that has become one of my son’s favorite activities. I used the vast resources of the internet to find simple drawings I liked and then edited them on photoshop to print out these ponds on blue paper. I then found free coloring pictures for the ducks, the […]

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Marshmallow Buildings

The marshmallow buildings project is a little bit advanced for the two-year-old, but I still think he got a lot out of watching his parents, and I know he enjoyed eating our creations! Marshmallows are not the most nutritious snack foods out there, and I have heard of families successfully doing this project with cubed […]

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Frog Day!

News flash: PEBS academy (in which Peter is the “P”) recently celebrated frog day. Older children learned about the life cycle of a frog while the youngest member played with his dump truck. Singing time included “Five little speckled frogs”, and children enjoyed playing leap-frog during the festivities. The highlight of the event came when […]

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Beautiful Flower Crowns

Making flower crowns was a fun activity that took very little time to make and really made the bearers of the crowns beam with pride. I recently had the opportunity to host a couple of young ladies at our home and as I pondered what I could do with them, I looked out the window […]

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autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves I learned Autumn Leaves during my Orff 1 training course from a phenomenal early childhood music specialist, Saskia Beverloo, who translated it from the original Dutch. I originally created this activity when I interned with the local children’s choir, but now it serves as a valuable part of our preschool collection. Local preschool […]

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Kodaly method

an essay by Tamsyn Spackman Allow me to set the stage to illustrate what the Kodaly Method can do.Imagine entering a classroom and witnessing a group of students who have an amazingly balanced education in music. They can sing major, minor, and pentatonic scales, recognize all major, minor, and perfect intervals by sight and sound, […]

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Homemade Instruments

There are few things more thrilling to young children than making homemade instruments and then playing them in a family orchestra. Virtually anything that can be hit, plucked, shaken, or blown can be turned into an instrument. There are too many articles and books written on musical instrument toys for this to be a comprehensive […]

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